Launched in 2017 by Salvatore Palazzo, Scala brings a unique and distinctive vibe to Orpington, with its striking interior, stunning design features and beautiful menus that take you on a journey through the sun soaked Mediterranean.

The word Scala, literally translated as ‘steps’, has its origins in the old seaside settlements found across southern Europe, nestled into the steep hillside and meandering down to where the land meets the sea. The restaurant is evocative of the traditional side of Mediterranean entertaining, giving people the opportunity to connect, relax and celebrate the simple essences of family life and food and a slower pace of life. The bar evokes the excitement of the city, bringing a sophisticated vibe and conjuring up the magical ambience of long summer evenings enjoyed with friends.

Above all else, Scala is about bringing people together to enjoy good times together with fabulous food and drink – creating memories to treasure for years to come.

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